Victor-Emmanuel and Isabelle

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Our Story

It began 25 years ago when were born on different continents, one week apart.
Victor has always had his heart set on Canada and it only took 2 years of him being here for me to find him online, find him kinda cute, and send him a message! We connected instantly by message and met for our first date within a week. We met in a park near Victor's place and were meant to walk around for an hour or so, but ended up spending 6 hours sitting under a tree talking and listening to music, until I had to leave for a party I was hosting! I remember talking to my friends that night about having met someone and not wanting to say too much, but that I was very excited to see where things would go. The next day I invited Victor over, we talked and watched movies for several more hours.
We spent lots of time together over the next 4 weeks getting to know each other until one day I was talking to some friends about him and decided that saying "the guy I am seeing" no longer felt right and I texted Victor (on my birthday) asking him if I could call him my boyfriend and he said sure! I quickly followed that up with: "Can we pretend this happened 3 days ago so our anniversary is not on my birthday?" and he agreed! I think deep down, I knew from that moment he was the one and things progressed pretty quickly from there!

2 months into our relationship we both move out of our apartments and into our first house together!
6 Months in Victor gave me a promise ring and we got our first pet together!
9 Months in we got our second pet together!
10 Months in we started fostering a 3rd pet!
14 Months in we moved to another city together and both started new jobs!
21 Months in and Victor proposed! (That's a story of its own, let's save it for the wedding!)
24 Months in and we moved together for a 3rd time!
34 Months in and we will be married!!!
And for every month, from that one forward, till death do us part, we will be by each others sides.

We invite you to celebrate the beginning of our next Chapter together




3:00 PM, May 19, 2019
Bois de Belle-Rivière
9009 Route Arthur Sauvé,, Mirabel, Quebec J7N 2T8

Color scheme : Royal blue and silver
Event theme : Rustic
Ceremony will take place outdoors if weather permits, otherwise under a large tent.
Please note: The event is taking place in a park and therefore doesn't have a high heel friendly terrain.
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4:00 PM, May 19, 2019
Bois de Belle-Rivière
9009 Route Arthur Sauvé, Mirabel, Quebec J7N 2T8

A free cocktail will be served to celebrate this event, starting at 4PM.
There will be a cash bar for the remainder of the evening, (More or less 2$ per drink)
Please note, there is no atm or bank near the venue so be prepared.

PS: If you're confirming the attendance for more than one person (this must match the party size from the dropdown menu at the top), please indicate a meal of each person.
eg: Bob : Caesar salad / Marc : Rucola Salad / ...

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Wedding Party

Karine Mathieu

Maid of Honor

Maxence Haltel

Best Man

Nathan Pichon


Nicolas Chabot



Ring Bearer


Arianna Lafoley

Flower Girl/Child

Megan Taylor


Lorielle Burch


Katrina Khoury

Master of Ceremonies

Hotel Information

Imperia @ St-Eustache

The wedding venue is 30 minutes from the closest hotel. There are no taxi / Uber nearby as it's in the middle of nowhere.
Therefore we have organized a special rate at the Imperia hotel in St-Eustache (30 minutes from the venue) as well a bus to get everyone to and from the venue safely (See Travel Accomodation for more information)
You must call the hotel to make individual reservations.
Give the name Isabelle Mathieu & Victor Fourneau Wedding to access our special rates as listed below.
We are not holding any rooms, it is first come first serve, so pleasse make your reservations ASAP.
(in CAD$ and Taxes not included)
Saturday 18th-> Sunday 19th:
  • One queen bed : 142$
  • One queen with one sofa bed : 152$
  • Two queen beds : 162$
  • One king bed with one sofa bed : 172$
  • Suite loft with one king bed and one sofa bed : 232$
(For those planning to help setup and decorate, we recommend staying at the hotel on the 18th as we'll need to be at the venue for 8AM30 on the 19th)

Sunday 19th-> Monday 20th:
  • One queen bed : 130$
  • One queen with one sofa bed : 140$
  • Two queen beds : 150$
  • One king bed with one sofa bed : 160$
  • Suite loft with one king bed and one sofa bed : 220$

Imperia Hotel ||
450 472 3336 // 1 888 472 3336
570, rue Dubois, Saint-Eustache



Bus will depart the Imperia hotel at 2PM30 to arrive at the venue by 3PM.
It will return to pick everyone up from the venue at midnight and drop them at the Imperia by 00AM30.
A 10$ per person contribution towards this expense would be greatly appreciated!

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